I Want To Hit You In The Head With A Music Review

LOUIS BRUNEAU, Contributor

What more can be said about the cultural phenomenon that is the 10,000 Blades? Yes, their jaunty guitar melodies and simplistic (not simple) lyrics won them critical acclaim and fanfare, but who are the 10,000 Blades? Why start a band? Why not lay down the foundation for a root vegetable farm in Vermont? That’s what I want to know.

The interestingly-named platter “I Want To Hit You In The Head With A Rock” begins with the fist-fighting, rowdy-yet-ruminating “I Disagree With Randy Newman,” in which frontman “Sheriff” Jon Stone proclaims his dislike for the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Its passionate vocals (and rollicking backing vocals) situate the étude amongst the pantheon of anti-LA songs, along with Tool’s “Ænema” and Tim Dog’s “F*ck Compton.” Although I don’t agree with the sentiment (I find Randy Newman charming even on his worst days), I can appreciate longing for the beautiful skylines of Milwaukee, as I once felt the same way. I was on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The production is clean and sparkling like a bank’s restroom, and the disc is well packaged for a DIY group of go-getting youngsters. The lyrics are reproduced in an intricately folded booklet that you can use as a conversation starter or table frontispiece. In fact, if any issue can be raised about this LP, it’s its brief length and abundance of cussing. Now, I am no stranger to rude words: the f-word, the b-word, the c-word, the other f-word, the r-word, I could go on, but in this heated millennium I think we should ration f-words (the first kind) for times when you really need them, the times when you stand up and hit your head on the gee-dee mf-ing windowsill for Gee’s sake and would it kill you to replace those ugly gutters? In fact it operates much on the same principle as global warming: Cusses leave the mouths of otherwise outstanding young citizens and gather in the stratosphere, creating a cuss-cluster that is slowly, ever-so-slowly, burning a hole through our precious ozone layer.

In conclusion, 10,000 Blades have a new album out called “I Wanna Hit You In The Head With A Rock,” and if you want a copy, contact Jon Stone in care of this publication. Good night, and God Bless.



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