BSC Report: Takin’ Care of Business

Carolyn Stransky

With new representatives, a new executive board and elections to be had, proper introductions were in order for the first Beloit Student Congress meeting of the spring semester on Monday, Jan. 23.
After brief introductions of those in attendance and a review of what it means to represent a club, the meeting truly commenced with a business section full of change. The committee first ran over the possible alteration of the executive board bylaws, which would add the chair of Club Oversight Organization (COO) to the voting members and move communications coordinator to a non-voting position.
Once the bylaws were properly discussed, elections for the spring semester took place and the results were as follows:

  •  Rich Steffensmeier’13 as Parliamentarian
  •  Xenofon Kontouris’14 as Communications Coordinator
  •  Hugh Berglind’14 as Treasurer
  •  Mengde “Harley” Liu’15 as Secretary
  •  Nicole Weber’15 as the COO Chair
  •  Matthew Walthius’14 and Hannah Richter’15 as Budget Committee membersVoting on the changes to the executive board bylaws and further elections will happen at BSC’s meeting tonight (Jan. 30). The student forum tonight will be hosted by Dean of Students Christina Klawitter on the possibility of a new recreational center.


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