Nate’s Nummy Nums Get Desserted

By Nathanial Fann

Everyone knows we have buttery flakey croissants at Slicer’s Deli.

•   Grab one and take a stroll over to the ever-enticing fro-yo (or is it ice cream?) station.
•   Load croissant with delicious ice cream toppings, preferably chocolate ones that are subject to melting.
•   Head back to the Slicer’s Deli panini grills, place your delectably dessert-stuffed croissant on the panini grill until ice cream toppings have become oh-so-gooey.
•   Remove WITH CAUTION!
•   You can stop there.
•   OR grab a bowl.
•   Place croissant in bowl.
•   MOOO-ve back to the fro-yo/Ice Cream station and artfully cover your croissant with your favorite soft serve fro-yo/ice cream.

Inspired by Max Friedland



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