Beloit Orchestrated

By Kelsey Rettke

On Wednesday, December 7, the Beloit College Orchestra held a concert in Eaton Chapel at 7:30. The concert, which featured the entirety of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 1 in C Major,” was a formal event with performers dressed in concert black. A multitude of students, college faculty, and Beloit community members were all in attendance.

The performance was conducted by Visiting Assistant Professor and Conductor-in-Residence, David Anderson.

The concert began with Giuseppe Verdi’s “Overture” to the Italian Nabucco. The piece was performed beautifully and showcased several soloists in the brass and woodwind sections.

Following the piece, Anderson and his concertmaster David Yu ’12 explained the sonata form to the audience and the orchestra provided examples of the main themes of the symphony. Then the orchestra began the four-part symphony.

The final piece, Antonín Dvořák’s “Symphony No. 8 in G Major,” opens with an “invigorating force” of trumpeting excellence. The song is fast and it’s slow, it’s yes and it’s no, it’s up and it’s down, but it is always excellent. It ends quickly and intensely, as if speaking to the brevity and unexpected nature of life.

The concert itself was an immensely impressive showcase of student skill, with the choice of music being beautifully appealing as well.



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