Adding a Little More Green to the Holiday Season

By Jeremy Cornelius

The holiday season definitely means (upper-case) Cheer in my book. Charles Dickens knew how to inspire joy around this time of year and made Ebenezer Scrooge one of the most common associations with brightening up around the holidays.

Having seen an immediate surge of holiday commercials on the day of Thanksgiving (while trying to relax and enjoy “Clueless”) takes a bit of my holiday cheer away. I can safely say that another hyper consumerist holiday is just around the not-so-snowy Wisconsin corner. Since #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday tweets blew up Twitter two weeks ago, I can only imagine all the gifts for the kids and how the massive consumption of wrapping paper will rise. When, in fact, all one has to do is save the morning newspaper for a few weeks and go to town with it as inexpensive resourceful wrapping paper.

Now what are we gonna do about all the discarded trash on Christmas morning, like the plastic cases of the latest Transformer action figure came in, or all of the cellophane video game wrappers? Well, one solution is cutting down on buying all of the newest and greatest. Try shopping used online or go back to “Little Women” and make each other gifts. In fact, the kids over in the Outdoor Environment Club  are holding a house Secret Santa where they all agreed to make each other gifts and not spend any money.

We also have those pesky plastic bags swarming around the house after Christmas and ending up in the garbage. To solve that little issue, buy reusable shopping bags and make sure to take them with on every holiday shopping spree.

We seem to have all the purchasing points covered, now what? Those icicle lights around the house and the string lights on the tree are nice at night, right? Did you know that LED lights use 80-90 percent less energy than old light bulbs?

See? With a few simple alterations of consumption practices during the holiday season, we can reduce some waste in order to green this time of year a little bit more.



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