Pearsons Recycling Intervention


Circle the items that do not belong. PHOTO BY TANA GOAR

By Tana Goar

Do you recycle correctly after your lunch in Pearsons? From what we’ve seen lately, probably not!

You should ONLY be recycling bottles, papers, cans, yogurt cups (rinsed, if you get a chance), glass bottles and cardboard.

If you recycle all of these things, thank you for contributing to a better planet. But we need to clean up our act (pun entirely intended) when it comes to trashing our recycling bins.

– Do NOT recycle plates or utensils. These may look recyclable, but they are actually compostable; they will eventually dissolve into nothing in the trash. Plates and utensils cannot be recycled because they have food on them.

– Do NOT recycle microwavable bowls from DKs.

– Do NOT recycle napkins, drink toppers, straws, food or liquids. We’ve had a huge problem with this lately. Your napkins are not recyclable. Put them in the trash. If there is still a lot of liquid left in your bottle, place it on top of a garbage can behind the trays and a worker will pour it out in the kitchen and recycle it

– Do NOT recycle plastic wrap, tissues, wrappers, chip bags, gum or cups. Cups from DKs are not recyclable because they have wax on them. Cups for hot liquids are not recyclable because of the residue left on the cup.

You are losing your money if you are not recycling correctly; we pay an extra fee to be able to toss all of our recycling into one convenient bin. The college relies on everyone to recycle correctly. Recycling bins with trash in them will not be sorted. Everything in that bin will be thrown away in the trash. Physical Plant does not have the resources to sort the recycling bins, so this means that we need to take responsibility for sorting our own recycling.

If your friends put their napkins in the recycling bins, call them out on it. If you drop a microwaveable bowl in recycling, pick it up and put it in the trash. If you see utensils, cups or plastic wrap in the recycling, take a second and sort them into the trash. Correctly utilize the recycling opportunities provided on this campus; we’re already paying extra to make this as easy as possible. Recycling is a painless way for everyone to stretch those activism muscles and work on a better future for our planet. Clean it up. Do it right!

Phyllis Jensen, Manager of Retail Operations & Catering, also helped contribute to this article. She can answer any questions you may have about the recycling guidelines. Visit her office at DK’s.



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