Music House Weekday Woes

By India John

Music Club frequently hosts small house shows for both campus bands and touring musicians. All shows are free, and offer opportunities not just for students to hear music from a variety of genres, but for also for artists to get their name out. Music House serves as a venue for bands to play during the week when C-Haus is unavailable.

According to policy, however, a registered social event cannot occur Sunday through Tuesday, leaving only later weekdays and the weekend available, when C-Haus is open. For Music House resident Spencer Bible’12, the policy severely restricts Music Club’s opportunities.

“It’s an insult to the services we provide,” Bible says. “We feel that it’s the goal and task of Music House to provide music to campus.”

Though the ability to register social events during the weekend is an option for the club, they would be competing with C-Haus, a prospect that Bible doesn’t relish.

“What’s the point? We want people to be able to listen to good music, and we want bands to be heard. We shouldn’t make bands compete with one another.”

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life John Winkelmann sees the restriction on weekday registration as a tribute to the academics at Beloit College. “Professors ask that there be nights with no events so students can focus on homework. For me it’s showing support for the academic portion of the system.”

In addition to the restriction on the number of days for which social events can be registered, Music Club members question the distinction between club and social event. The Student Regulations and College Policies 2011-2012 Handbook states that “Planned parties, private parties, or social gatherings must be registered if they have the potential to impact the community.”

“It’s unfair to hold us to different standards than other clubs,” says Shane Donnelly’12, an avid Music Club participant and Music House resident. “Any other club is allowed to have meetings during the week and do whatever they do, but we can’t because what we do is music. How else are we supposed to fulfill our goals to bring music and music education to campus?” asks Donnelly.

Winklemann suggests that co-sponsorship with the music department and hosting events at the Hendricks Center can be an academic alternative to house shows.

Music House residents, however, simply wish to share their space with people who are willing to share their music.

“These guys are touring on donations, but they still come and play free shows and share their work,” says Bible. “That’s awesome. That’s so awesome!”



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