BSC Report: Buncha-K Time


By Carolyn Stransky

Residential Life and business were the focus of the Beloit Student Congress meeting on Monday, Nov. 28. The meeting commenced with a student forum hosted by ResLife Committee Chair Ben Schecter’11 on the effects of the ResLife Committee on students and student life.

“[ResLife Committee] has anything and everything to do with how you live and what you do,” said Schecter. The committee oversees general on-campus housing and special interest housing and Greek organizations – ensuring that these groups are benefiting the community with their house.

So far this year, the committee has determined that there’s a greater need for security when walking to the Hendricks Center, assigned the second floor of 815 as gender-neutral housing, and have done housing reviews. They are now looking into vandalism and alcohol consumption on campus, especially noting whether the alcohol philosophy has a positive effect.

ResLife Committee meets on Wednesdays in Mathers A/B at 7 p.m. Schecter encourages all those interested to come share ideas, especially those living in standard residential halls.

After a short break, the meeting continued with the pitches from the approved Buncha-K proposals.

Girls and Women in Science asked for $1,025 to provide meals to their volunteers and buy t-shirts for their spring conference hosted here at Beloit.

WBCR asked for $2,475 for a device that would stream the radio feed both online and over air, also covering the initial startup fee and a one-year subscription.

Interfaith House asked for $330 to purchase new books for their house library.

Java Joint asked for $700 for the purchasing, shipping and screen-printing of reusable plates and mugs to be used in the shop.

Ballroom Dance Club asked for $1,540 to continue their repair of the basement of Eaton Chapel, hoping to add mirrors into this new space that could be used by anyone.

Voting on this package and discussion of what to do with the other $14,000 Buncha-K has to offer will take place at the next meeting on Monday, Dec. 5.



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