BSC Election Results

By Hana Skoblow

“Who wants to be the club representative for BSC? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?” That’s the response most clubs seem to receive. New BSC president Alondra Olvera ‘13 is trying to change that. “The main thing I want to try and do is get rid of the stigma around BSC. I feel that if there was more positive opinion around BSC [then] people who really want to join, like I did, would not be persuaded from it,” she said after her victory was announced on Monday, Nov. 28. She also plans to work with “closing the gap between the administration and students when it comes to communication,” and will hold office hours so that she will stay informed on what is important to students. Even though Olvera just transferred to Beloit this semester, she has never missed a BSC meeting since she was elected secretary at the beginning of the semester.

Olvera was particularly surprised by her win because she ran as a write-in candidate at the last minute. The race between her and runner-up candidate Xenofon Kontouris ’14 was close, with Emma Rogers ’14 coming in third place. Kontouris was very gracious about the result, saying, “All I have to say about the elections is that it was a fine run. I wish the best to the new president and the next executive board of BSC. I offer my help to anyone that asks for it, although I do not plan to run again for BSC office. I also owe a final thanks to the people that voted [for] and supported me.”  Rogers declined comment.

Erik Binter’14 was elected vice president, Alessia Bilardello’13 was elected programming board director, and Sam Miller’13 was elected funding board director.



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