WBCR Show of the Week: Massage Train

By Sam Becker

Take a ride with me baby, on the Massage Train. Come let the music rub you down, take care of you, clean you. Two hours of smooth soulful music at the time when you need it most, Tuesday nights from 8-10. Hosted by myself, DJstairs, with occasional guest appearances from some of the sweetest kids around campus.

The main genre is R&B, but that’s really just a product of the times. The R&B coming out right now is just so interesting that somebody really needs to cover it; R. Kelly, The Weeknd, Terius Nash, Julian and Drake are all really making some stellar music as of late. R&B classics from Otis Redding to Ready for the World are making appearances too. I really can’t say that it’s an exclusively R&B program though, thats just not how I roll. I’ll be real, I play a lot of hip-hop, folk, garage rock, electronica, and any other genre of music that has the dreamy qualities I like to bring to the show. The Cure, Girls, Tallest Man on Earth, Beach House, JJ, Lil Wayne, Snoop Doggy Dogg, XX, Beach Boys, and Kanye West are some of my faves. The program of the show is not always the same because, you know, it’s based on the weather. Rain requires certain sounds to accompany that pitter-patter. Snow needs something cozy. Late summer sunsets need their haze.

Imported to WBCR from its original home at WAMH in the beautiful Amherst, Mass., this is the second full season of Massage Train. It was just too good to let go of. The feeling of the ‘sage’ was just so right, that I ran with it. I’d like to think I can treat you right if not just for two hours a week.

Peace.Love.and EagleWing.



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