The Joy of…Sharing

By Joy Belamarich

Recently, I’ve been asked by a few male friends about the rules and regulations of buddies hooking up with the same person.  Like, Joe hooked up with Lola, twice, but things weren’t sparkly and amazing, and now Murphy, Joe’s good friend, is inviting Lola over for study and make out sessions.  Things are fine between Joe and Murphy —they don’t really talk about it.  But is it actually okay?

Only in college, people.  I don’t think this sh*t happens nearly as much in real life, when your going out radius is farther than the length of College Street.  The thing is, with a school this small, it is inevitable. The pretty girl who always has her hair in a French braid and sucks on a lollipop while she’s studying in the library is going to catch the attention of a few guys, and those guys might be friends.  It’s still a little weird. What is Joe thinking when Murphy is talking about how Lola does that cool thing with her tongue? He’s probably thinking, “Wait…did she do that with me?”  And even if they’re not the kiss and tell type, one day they’ll be sitting at Java Joint dunking their bagels in their soup and Lola will strut through and it’ll just get kind of awkward.

But hey, maybe Murphy really likes Lola, and Joe wasn’t that crazy about her.  And if these two friends are still able to amicably sit and bagel dunk, then I don’t see the harm—as long as they’re straight-for-ward and clear about it with each other. Just don’t make your moves the same weekend that Joe broke things off with Lola.  If it’s really not okay with Joe, all he has to say is, “Dude…not cool.”  Then, Murphy, go find someone new.  Even though this school is small, there are still plenty of turtles in the pond.



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