Steve Bernini: the Man, the Myth, the Legend


By Carolyn Stransky

Many students know C-Haus as a place to buy beer, watch live bands and spout their trivia knowledge, but hardly anyone knows the man behind the bar. Meet Steve Bernini’11, this year’s C-Haus manager.

Bernini graduated last May as a communications major, and considered taking the C-Haus position toward the end of his final years at Beloit. “I came in with limited knowledge of what to do. I was kind of just thrown into the fire,” said Bernini.

“They don’t give you a manual here, it’s very much ‘let me try this and let me try that and see what works.’”

To Bernini, being the C-Haus manager means you have to be the bar. “You live in the bar, work with bands, decide on food and drinks and there’s free rent and food that’s already paid for,” said Bernini.  “Your job is to be the bar, a school-subsidized bar. How bizarre is that?” As manager, Bernini also has  final say over who works at C-Haus, and this year most of his staff consists of veterans. “My staff gives me a lot of insight. They know what works and what doesn’t more so than I do. I lean heavily on their knowledge,” said Bernini.

Bernini believes C-Haus has the potential to become a student union on campus. “We don’t have a place where students can come, hang out, be themselves and get to know one another,” said Bernini. “I really want this to be a place where students can get away from behind their laptops and interact with other students.”

Although C-Haus has been running smoothly thus far, there is one main issue that Bernini wishes to address: people bringing in their own drinks.

“You cannot bring alcohol into a bar, it’s illegal, but people do it,” said Bernini. “I’ve tried to be nice about it, but the thing is that if it continues, we will get shut down. That’s the law.” Bernini hopes that students will recognize and respect this rule, so severe actions won’t have to be taken.

C-Haus is an establishment that is for the students, by the students – and Bernini wants to hear the voice of the student body. “If anyone ever has ideas on how to improve C-Haus, say it. It has every possibility of being implemented,” said Bernini. “I really want to see more students getting involved. No one wants this to be run by one small group. Everyone should have a say, but right now people are actively not saying anything.”

C-Haus Programming Board meets every Tuesday in C-Haus at 4 p.m. Bernini hopes that students of any group or graduation year will drop in.



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