If I Only Had a Blog: the Post Drake-up


By Bert Connelly

My pseudo-obligation to inform the campus and community about new music and sh*t is in direct conflict with my desire to write exclusively about Drake for the rest of my life. Seriously though, if you haven’t listened to “Take Care,” which officially came out on All Symposium’s Eve (Tuesday), stop what you’re doing and listen to it. If you already listened to and need more new music then I will feign interest, for you. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who is excited for Korn’s dubstep album.

Childish Gambino – Camp

Childish Gambino is the stupid rap-name of Donald Glover, who plays Troy on the NBC show “Community.” “Camp” is Glover’s debut album after a series of successful mixtapes. Glover, who is incredibly clever and talented, is brought down by the fact that his voice is kind of annoying. But I can’t dislike him anymore. I went through that phase and I’m over it. But let’s go back to a few sentences, when I said that Glover is incredibly clever. I can’t stress this enough, Donald Glover is the cleverest rapper who is currently rapping. I will debate this with anyone. “So this rap is child’s play, I do my name like Princess Di,” or, “Made the beat and murdered it, Casey Anthony,” or “You can f*ckin’ kiss my ass, human centipede.” Also, all of those lines are from one song. The only problem I have with him, and it is tough to reconcile with, is that his voice is kind of annoying. His flow is great, his production is stellar, his lyrical content regarding the struggle of being taken seriously as a rapper and person is also on point. I hope that one day he finds a way to rap where his voice isn’t so grating, but it is what it is and the album is still very listenable despite that. I highly recommending being a part of Glover’s camp now, ya know, so you can say you knew about him first, or whatever.

Rihanna – Talk That Talk

How the times have changed. If you watch Rihanna’s first big music video, “Pon de Replay,” you’ll see a scantily clad lil’ RiRi asking for the DJ to turn the music up. It is decidedly un-provocative and the only real moment of unabashed horniness comes right at the end when she beckons toward the camera with those sleepy Barbadian eyes of hers. If you watch her most recent video, “We Found Love,” you’ll find Rihanna smoking cigarettes, popping pills, shoplifting, getting ill-advised tattoos and riding in cars with boys. If you have followed her career at all, then all of what I just wrote is obvious, as is the next sentence. You are going to hear most of this album everywhere for the next few months. Rihanna’s production team has amped it up this time for “Talk That Talk.” The Raw Dammit Rihanna factor (or RDR, if you so please), which is Rihanna’s unflinching sexual aggression, is also amplified for this album. Don’t believe me? The chorus of “Cockiness (Love It),” which is one of the most subtle song titles in recent memory, goes a little something like this – “I love it, I love it, I love it when you eat it.” Class up the *ss. Seriously though, this album is pretty crazy. So much to dance to, so little time. Also, the album comes out today.

G-Side – Island

My word count for this “blog post” is nearing its limit, but check out this album. G-Side is one of the most innovative rap groups to come out of the South in a while. It’s important to listen to rappers who are trying new things and these guys are doing just that. Check out: “Cinematic” and “Recognize.”



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