BSC Report: Elections!

By Carolyn Stransky

Beloit Student Congress focused internally at their meeting on Monday, Nov. 14, with the discussion of the upcoming elections for BSC leadership.

Instead of the student forum, the meeting began with a debate. Four candidates were present: Emma Rogers’14 and Xenofon Kontouris’14, both for president, Erik Binter’14 for vice president and Sam Miller’13 for funding board director. Each candidate gave an opening speech, followed by questions from the BSC representatives.

Rogers is ready to take on the role as “the official representative of the Beloit student body.” As president, she would make it a priority to have more representation of the student body attend BSC meeting, whether through incentives or another means, and create a more solid communications department within BSC.

Kontouris knows that he is in for a lot of responsibility as “a middle man between the administration and the student body.” He has many ideas, including developing a support system with the TRiO program.

Binter has seen the potential for BSC and wants to “help make that a reality” as vice president. He believes that people don’t need incentives to attend, but BSC needs to change the structure of the meeting themselves.

Miller claims that as funding board director he would be “more responsible handling money than with [his] own.” Last Monday was his first meeting. Miller has limited experience in BSC, but he wants the job in order to get more clubs and groups involved on campus so that we can have a happier student body – especially in the winter.

Elections will be held on Monday, Nov. 21 and Tuesday, Nov. 22.

The rest of the meeting consisted of straight business. Announcements were made, and last week’s COO bylaw revisions were passed for dead clubs, along with budget committee revisions to work more closely with COO. The meeting concluded with the voting in of a new Judiciary Committee consisting of Kyle Schwab’13, Lizzi Belmont’14, Yasmin Rodriguez’15 and Carolyn Stransky’15.



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