Show of the Week

By Katie Alford and Jamie Eversage

Jam Tiki is the tag team, dynamic duo of DJs Katie Alford ‘11 and Jamie Eversage ‘12.  Our radio show is dedicated to the funk, pop, soul, twang, folk and leopard-print of music from a variety of musical time periods.  Each week we blow up the WBCR airwaves with music shimmying under a driving theme. The tunes we play stem from our nostalgic roots, current happenings or whimsical moods.

In the past, we’ve brought you the delicious melodies of food, the catchy riffs of the nineties, the minor chords of ghosts and the sultry beats of romance.  Sometimes we’ll even add supplementary news updates that pertain to the week’s theme.  The week we listened to sexxxy songs, we threw in a news bulletin about a sex toy store in Alabama that opened up a discreet drive-thru window.  You know, the important tidbits to keep our listeners informed.

The musical artists we draw from range from Lucinda Williams to The Knife, the Pixies to Otis Redding and Elvis Costello to Flogging Molly.  You’ll probably know at least a few of our songs, and that’s what we want: happy, reminiscent listeners.

So every Thursday at 4 p.m., support your local radio station and tune in to JAM TIKI on WBCR 90.3, Beloit College radio! As you jam along, you’ll be guaranteed a grin as wide as a Tiki statue.



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