Neolithization Lecture

By Kelsey Rettke

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Adila Talbi of the Bardo National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography gave a lecture on the Neolithic period in Algeria. The discourse, titled “The Neolithic Period in Algeria: The State of the Question” gave clues as to how Neolithization occurred in the African country, and where evidence can be found to date Algeria’s Neolithic period.

Neolithization occurs when agriculture and domestication of plants and animals takes place and when pottery and other forms of clay works of art are invented. Algeria has some of the oldest pottery and the oldest handmade basket in Africa.

Talbi concluded by saying that the most important aspect to take from her lecture should be that Algeria has a Neolithic period unique it its own right, though no evidence of any architecture from that period has ever been found in the country.

Talbi, an Algerian herself, is the top expert archaeologist on North American Indians, and a specialist in prehistoric archaeology who recently wrote a book on prehistoric sculpture art. The Logan Museum of Anthropology has relished an 80-year relationship with the Bardo Museum in Algiers, Algeria, and both museums house collections on loan from each other.



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