Kiosks Appear on Campus

By Anna Holmquist

New bulletin kiosks are gracing the campus grounds after a committee of students and alumni put their heads together.

The committee, which included Brian Shobe’12, Alex Catalan’10 and Director of Student Activities Jennie Hartzheim, researched replacement options for old bulletin kiosks, which were “ugly and hard to use,” according to Jenny Tschudy. Tschudy works for the Office of Communications and Marketing and was in charge of the committee.

Four signs have been placed, and one more will be placed during the spring semester when the ground begins to thaw.

One of the signs was placed directly in front of the Coughy Haus and will only be used to post C-Haus events and notices.

Steve Bernini’11, the C-Haus manager, is the only one allowed to put things on that sign. He intends to use it to post the hours, the menu and upcoming shows.

Bernini was not part of the committee that chose the signs.

“I’m not crazy about the placement,” he said. “I wasn’t consulted. I had absolutely no say in it.”

He said that he would have preferred a light-up marquee-style sign or a sign created by woodworking students from the college.

“I’m interested to see how long it lasts before it gets covered in graffiti,” he said.

Tschudy said that there were not a lot of options for placement when it came to the C-Haus sign.

“There’s power lines that go through the front of the C-Haus [in the ground],” she said. “Sometimes what we want and what we have to get are two different things.”

She also said that the budget for the kiosks was limited. Ideally, she said, they would have had more money to spend on the signs.

Tschudy said that she hopes students understand. “It’s the best we could do,” she said.



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