Ode To An Hour Without Power

The day the power collapsed
In dark rooms, we still had class.
Though many, if not all
Beloiters basked in the Fall.

The leaves! The Sun!
Outside I had fun.

But complaints of inconvenience
Gave rise to a mere semblance
That perhaps many folks, constrained falsely with time,
Forget to ever spend good hours outside.

The Fall! The sun, and crisp autumn air,
The trees, the mounds, the grass… I care.
Our home, nestled, lovely, hilltop riverside,
I spent my powerless hours walking campus-wide.

I saw faces of people, who often burrow away
In Cafe Bio, or the Lib all day.
People smiled to each other as they sat ‘neath the trees,
Outside? And not members of the OEC?

Yes you! You were there, complaining or not,
You saw the sun, and you smiled as you walked.

I cringed when the power came on once again,
E-mails loaded, people went in.
Confined in buildings, locked in walls,
I’d rather be outside, in the Fall!

So I thank Phys Plant, Mother Nature, and Fate,
For a day spent with friends and the sun, it was great.
                                                -Clara Baker



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