NFL Midterm Report

By Mark Coogan

The NFL season has reached its midpoint. Thus far the season has had its highs and lows and has been full of surprises. Let’s break it down.

Best Team: Is it really a question? The Green Bay Packers have gone more than 320 days since they last lost a football game. I watch them play every week and, as a Bears fan, I hope and pray for a weakness to be exposed somewhere. But halfway through the season, I have yet to find one. These guys are the real deal. Honorable Mention: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Worst Team: There are a few teams battling it out in the “Suck for Luck” competition this year, but none of them are more terrible than the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins are bad. They don’t have a good offense, they don’t have a good defense, they don’t have good special teams and they don’t have good coaches. When asked for a comment, self-proclaimed Dolphins-die-hard Brian Maughn ‘12 simply said, “Suck for Luck.” Honorable Mention: St. Louis Rams

Most Valuable Player: Aaron Rodgers. Seriously, I can’t envision a situation where Aaron Rodgers stays healthy and the Packers don’t win the Super Bowl. He is simply better than everyone he plays against. Surrounded by the receivers he has, it is going to take a serious injury to keep Rodgers from winning the MVP this season. Honorable Mention: New England Patriots WR, Wes Welker

Least Valuable Player: The cornerback lined up against Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson any given week. These cornerbacks have allowed Johnson to amass 804 yards and eleven touchdowns in just eight games. These guys must be pretty terrible. Honorable Mention: Washington Redskins QB, Rex Grossman

Surprisingly Good Team: Jim Harbaugh has led the San Francisco 49er’s from perennial cellar dwellers to the second best record in the NFL in just three months of real work with his team. These guys are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and with Harbaugh in charge, they have been able to create a winning attitude in the city by the bay. Honorable Mention: Cincinnati Bengals

Surprisingly Bad Team: It looks like Peyton Manning was more valuable to his team than any of us actually realized. The Colts have gone from a team that contended for Super Bowls annually to a team that will be ecstatic if they win a game this year. But then again, maybe they’d be better off with no wins and the number one pick in next April’s draft. Honorable Mention: Arizona Cardinals

Surprisingly Good Player: Bears’ running back Matt Forte. Despite an ongoing contract dispute, or perhaps because of it, Matt Forte leads all NFL players in total yards from scrimmage this year averaging almost 100 rushing yards and 60 receiving yards per game. If his production continues, he’ll be landing a huge contract at season’s end. Honorable Mention: Carolina Panthers QB, Cam Newton

Surprisingly Bad Player: Titans’ running back Chris Johnson. How many fantasy teams did this guy ruing this year? With just 302 yards on 107 carries this year, Johnson was finally deemed bad enough to be benched this past weekend. He has just one touchdown this year. Honorable Mention: Arizona Cardinals QB, Kevin Kolb



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