Lights Out On Campus

By Anna Holmquist

Flickering lights and a sporadic loss of power kept the Halloween atmosphere alive for a bit longer on the Beloit campus Tuesday morning. The power loss was due to a Physical Plant accident involving a mislabeled area of ground.

Michael Brady, the director of Physical Plant, said that the accident happened when some workers were digging to install one of the new information kiosks.

A flag had been placed in the area, giving the workers the all-clear to use an auger, which they began to do around 10 a.m.

Luke Mathewson’13, a student who works for Physical Plant, witnessed the incident.

“It sounded like an explosion off-campus,” Mathewson said. “They pulled the drill out and the
hole was smoking.”

The auger severed a power line that ran between Mayer Hall and the Center for the Sciences.

Brady said that Alliant Energy, with whom the college has a contract, was immediately contacted, and a plan of action was drawn up. Power was turned off on campus at noon so the power could be rerouted to bypass the severed line.

Currently, the power is running in a loop that does not include the damaged area, so that the college has plenty of time to fix it.



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