BSC Report: Elections


By Carolyn Stransky

Ghouls, ninjas and jokers alike gathered for the short and spooky Beloit Student Congress meeting on Monday, Oct. 31.

The meeting commenced with the voting in of Zaid Al-Hadeethi’14, as the new assistant treasurer.  His job, according to BSC officials, includes “safeguarding student activities fees from wrong-doers.” An unopposed Spencer Bible’12 was also voted in as the coordinator for the Vortex concert coming up this winter.

Once all the elections were settled, the meeting concluded with a discussion of the Club Oversight Organization (COO) Bylaw revisions on what is considered an “inactive” club. By COO definition, an inactive club is any club that attends no BSC general meetings during the first module of any semester or fails to register by the end of that module. The club may be declared inactive by a two-third-majority vote of COO.

Inactive clubs have no access to their budget, no vote at BSC or BelFast and are not allowed to request funding from any BSC funds. At the end of each semester, the remainder of any inactive club’s semester budget is liquidated to the New Club Fund.

These revisions to the COO Bylaw document will be effective immediately once they are voted in, so clubs should be sure to monitor their representatives so that they do not lose their “active” status.



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