The Journey’s Only Just Begun

By Kate Finnman and Maggie Cress

Since life is about the journey and not the destination, we’ve decided to tell you nothing about what we did over fall break and everything about how we got there.

Our journey began on Saturday, Oct. 15 at 6:15 p.m., following a cross-country race and naptime. We spent an hour trying to find a printer (the library was closed), and all other printers were recovering from midterms. We tried unsuccessfully to fix two different paper jams, causing Maggie to ponder, “So that’s why they tell you not to remove your own paper jams.”  Finally, thanks to Café Bio, Maggie got her boarding passes printed (I used a mobile boarding pass on my elitist smart phone).

We went to bed early, plotting a 3:15 a.m. departure from campus to O’Hare. Although we were not flying on the same plane, we were leaving within a half hour of each other. Maggie slept almost five whole hours, while I woke up constantly due to excitement and ended up making coffee at 2 a.m. Always a wise choice. However, we were thoroughly disappointed with our last night on campus.  Way to drop the ball, Beloit. Maggie trusted me to DJ the drive, a dubious choice due to the fact that my iPod is 87 percent Christian music, 8 percent Taylor Swift, 2 percent the French New Testament audio Bible and 3 percent everything else. I played nice, and stuck with tunes sure to please: NEEDTOBREATHE, Boys Like Girls, and Taylor Swift. These songs led to delightful discussions on track meets, friends, family, why cheating on a loved one is not okay and how awesome Taylor Swift is.

Having vastly overestimated how long it would take us to get to the airport, things were looking good. We parked in the cheapest, farthest away lot and caught a shuttle almost immediately. Good work. As we got to the train station, Maggie realized her phone was missing in action. Although our shuttle driver officially thought we were insane, we got back to our car. It took us quite a while to recall just where we parked; at 5:15 a.m., these things can be a challenge. But the car was found, the phone was not, causing Maggie to believe it had been left on the top of the car leaving Beloit. We stuck true to the BCXC Ladies’ motto “La, la, la, whatever,” and texted Maggie’s mom from my phone and caught another shuttle. Upon reaching the train, Kate checked her boarding pass and found she needed to be at terminal one. Maggie’s boarding pass did not supply a terminal or gate so we took advantage of the maps inside the train to discover she needed to bounce to terminal three. So, we said our farewells, each excited for the other. Maggie would see her family, and I would see my friends that are basically family.

We’re so glad we traveled together, throughout all the adventures and misadventures. And guess what? The journey’s only just begun!

Now, I (Kate), sit at my gate, typing this, without a clue as to what Maggie is doing. I myself got a French toast bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and a grande iced Americano. Don’t get on me about Starbucks, because I really don’t care. It’s consistently solid coffee, which is important to me.  It still hasn’t sunk in yet, but I bet when I board the plane, I’ll get those jitters that can only come from going to one of your favorite places with some of your most favorite people.



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