Student IDs Changed

By Beth Hanson

Any student who has been issued a new ID this semester may have noticed a change.

As a result of the Wisconsin Voter ID Law, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker in May, student ID have to meet new requirements in order to be used to vote.

According to the law, college IDs need to include the student’s name, photo and signature and must have both an issuance and expiration date in order for it to be considered a valid voter ID.  New Beloit College IDs include these changes.

However, there are still ID issues to be worked out.

“The part we don’t know is if returning students need to get a new ID to vote,” Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life John Winkelmann said.

Any new student ID issued is in the new format.  It is not clear what alternatives will be worked out for returning students who do not wish to purchase a new ID, and it would be too costly for the college to issue new IDs to all students.

The law also creates problems for four-year institutions because the expiration date on voter IDs can be no more than two years after the issuance date.

“Our plan is to put stickers over expired dates with new [expiration] dates.  [Legislators] are still sorting out what we need to do,” Winkelmann said.



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