If I Only Had A Blog…

By Bert Connelly

HUGE NEWS OUT OF MUSICVILLE – John “Hey Remember Me” Mayer had throat surgery to clear up an infection caused by being a sh*tty singer/songwriter and the ingestion of too much of a specific “organic fluid to be named later.” Keep in mind I made a lot of this up, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to point out that John Mayer sucks. See what I did there? Also, this was an incredible week for music and there is “a lot” to “blog” about.

Black Milk and Danny Brown – Black and Brown LP I know what you’re thinking. “Bert, how can you write about rap music while Rick Ross’ future is so touch and go?” Know what? I remember a lot of fat rappers, but I have only heard one Danny Brown. Danny Brown is currently the best rapper out of Detroit. Black Milk is an expert producer and rapper (he doesn’t rap on this album, but he does rap). Fast Facts: This album comes out November 1, it can be streamed now and it is mostly about taking drugs in the  way that “The Social Network” is mostly about Facebook. You’ll see that one in the SATs pretty soon. Listen to “Wake Up,” and “Dada,” with a good pair of headphones and a positive attitude.

Florence + the Machine – Ceremonials Florence + the Machine are really, really good and I have no one to blame but myself for not knowing very much about them before the research that you are reading now. It’s basically all about Florence Welch, whose beautifully haunting vocals carry all of the songs. The album itself is an atmospheric pop/soul/rock hybrid trip. “Ceremonials” will be out on Halloween and marks their second studio album. It’s available to be streamed online. You can also probably download it through illicit sources, pervert. Check out “What the Water Gave Me,” for a little taste.

BadBadNotGood x Tyler, The Creator – “Fish” and “Seven” These videos are interesting for people who love Odd Future and, well, that’s probably it. BadBadNotGood are an internet-famous jazz trio that reworks rap songs. Here they get a live set from Tyler, the Creator who raps over their instrumental of his song “Seven” and then Tyler takes to the keys as they jam to his instrumental, “Fish.” It’s certainly cool if you’re me, maybe cool if you’re not, but it is certainly a change of pace to see a rapper who is more than adept in an instrument.

Tom Waits – “Bad As Me”  I grew up knowing Tom Waits as the gravelly voiced dude in the speakers about whom my mom, bless her heart, would say, “Bert, Tom Waits is one bad motherf*cker. Know that.” I never really knew what to make of that until, this past March, Waits was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and said, “They say I have no hits and that I’m difficult to work with..like it’s a bad thing.” Tom Waits does what he wants in every aspect of his life. He’s in the movies he wants to be in, he publishes the books of poetry he wants to publish and he makes the music he wants to make. Well now, Waits released a great album that I, and a number of legitima- um noted critics, highly recommend. Listen to “Talking at the Same Time,” and “Get Lost.”

Freeway – The Intermission Mixtape Freeway had the Rick Ross/Baron Davis/Brian Wilson (pitcher) beard before it was cool, and then let it grow a little more. I have talked about a lot of music already, but this is the best mixtape that came out this week. Actually, kind of in a long time. If you listen to nothing else that I recommend this week, at least check out Freeway’s remix of “Ninjas in Paris,” from that album by those two dudes wearing watches. See what I did there?

Joint of the Week: Soulja Boy & Young L – “All Gold Everything (Prod. Young L)” I’ll be honest, whether or not you like Soulja Boy is kind of irrelevant. Sorry. The dude knows how to ride a wave better than Kelly Slater. No? The dude knows how to ride a wave better than that girl who got her arm eaten by a shark but kept on surfing in that one movie. I got metaphors for days. Young L, of The Pack (that’s right, Lil’ B’s The Pack) is one of the, if not the, most creative producers in the rap game right now. I would cite my sources but I’m not sure what the technical term for “rap-game” is.



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