BSC Report: C-Haus


By Carolyn Stransky

The campus is buzzing with events this week, and each club was there to support Beloit Student Congress at its meeting on Monday, Oct. 24.

The meeting started with a student forum with Steve Bernini, Coughy Haus manager. Bernini discussed the possibilities of C-Haus becoming less of a bar and more of a “student union.” This does not mean that the seven types of beer and open kitchen are going anywhere, though.

C-Haus is trying to expand their entertainment options beyond drinking and music. They are now hosting trivia nights every Wednesday and showcasing other games such as pool, air hockey and brand new arcade games. Along with this, they are looking into hosting karaoke nights, and bringing back previously featured musicians such as Stepdad and Bright Light Social Hour.

Student opinions are the heart of everything C-Haus does. “It’s entirely student-run,” said Bernini. “All my employees are students, all the suggestions come from students and I plan to keep it that way.” The C-Haus programming committee meets Tuesdays at 4 p.m., and anyone is welcome to come and share ideas.

For upcoming C-Haus events, check out their Facebook page, the Terrarium or the “This Week at C-Haus” flyers hanging around campus.

The meeting concluded with discussions of the parties this weekend, and Student Policy Committee’s draft of the new bias-incident reporting policy.

BSC is looking for an assistant treasurer and a coordinator for the Vortex concert this winter. If interested, voting will take place at themeeting on Monday, Oct. 31.



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