Townhouse Terror

IMAGE COURTEST OF THE TERRARIUM Clean up efforts are underway in the Moore Townhouses.

By Steven Jackson

At 4 a.m. last Saturday, a faulty sprinkler head in the Moore Townhouses flooded the four-person apartments in the north wing of the building. The cause of the problem remains unknown.

Residents were relocated to various open rooms and common areas on campus while Physical Plant staff worked on clean up that morning. Eight students returned to Moore over the weekend, but 16 people remain displaced. They are occupying open rooms in Wood, Haven, Whitney and the 910 Park Avenue student residence until the townhouses are repaired and clean.

Thu Pham’12 is living in the 910 house with her three roommates. They collected all the belongings they would need for a two-week stay and moved in over the weekend.

“We’re lucky,” said Pham. “910 is a big house.”

The initial estimate for repair time was two weeks, but it may take longer than that, said Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life John Winkelmann this week.

The standing water has been removed, but the more difficult task is drying out the building itself to prevent mold and mildew damage. Contractors are currently stripping walls and ceilings to evaluate moisture.

The total cost of damages is still unknown. “We think it’s going to be fairly high,” said Physical Plant Director Michael Brady.

Although the Moore Townhouse flooding is a large inconvenience, it was surprisingly easy to deal with, Brady said.

“With everybody’s help — Residential Life, Physical Plant, and students — it made a mountain seem like a molehill,” he said.



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