Things to do While Waiting for the NBA

By Mark Coogan

NBA Commissioner David Stern announced earlier this week that if an agreement between owners and players is not reached by Monday Oct. 10, the NBA will have to cancel regular season games. As that deadline draws near with very little progress made in negotiations, here is a list of ideas to keep NBA fans entertained if games are canceled this season.

1. Watch hockey! The NHL has been quietly hoping for an NBA lockout for years now. Hockey really is an awesome sport that gets a bad rap for being Canadian. But guess what? A Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1993. USA! USA! USA!

2. Watch Beloit College Basketball! The men’s and women’s Buccaneer basketball teams should be very entertaining this winter. “You may not see as many dunks as you would in an NBA game, but we’ve got all the fundamental shot fakes and jump-stops you could ever ask for!” said David Bremner ‘12.

3. Watch other colleges play basketball! Unlike pro sports, it is perfectly acceptable to have four or five favorite college teams. Adopt some new teams and act like you have been a fan all along. Just don’t be that guy who cheers for Duke for no reason. No one likes that guy.

4. Watch YouTube videos of your favorite NBA players! My personal favorite is Derrick Rose’s highlight reel from the Chicago Bulls win over the Milwaukee Bucks last March. Even on the worst days, that video puts a smile on my face. The highlights of Kevin Durant at Rucker Park this summer are also solid.

5. Call home to your mom! She would really love to hear from you.



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