BSC Report: Changing Food?


By Carolyn Stransky

Foodies united to discuss the college’s current dining situation at the Beloit Student Congress meeting on Monday, Oct. 3. The meeting started with a student food forum with Dean of Students Christina Klawitter, and the Food Initiative Task Force.

The conversation opened to student opinions on ways to improve the food service system. The first point brought up was bringing in more vegetarian and vegan options. “It’s hard for the vegetarians/vegans on campus to get protein if they’re limited to what they think looks healthy,” Gentry Tran’12 said. Another student suggested that the college make nutrition facts available.

It is not just the food itself that is a concern, but the facilities in which they are served as well. Thoughts on remodeling DK’s, Commons, adding late night options, a grocery store on campus, a swipe system at C-Haus, a college-owned farm and a small food station at the Hendricks Center were discussed.

“We first need to unpack what goes where to reach a point where we can say that this is what you’re paying for and this is what you’re getting,” Klawitter said. “We’re working on it, which isn’t the most ideal answer, but we’re doing our best.” Klawitter and the Food Initiative Task Force have recently been looking into other schools to gather inspiration and come up with ways to create a “more flexible dollar.”

Students would not be the only ones affected by these changes as there is still the risk that Food Service workers would lose their jobs. “We are taking this issue very seriously throughout this process… as we move forward, we will be taking into consideration all of our workers, including our student workers,” said Klawitter.

Taking the Liberal Arts in Practice into account, the idea of incorporating food into academics was brought up. The possibilities of culinary internships, basic nutrition and sustainable agriculture, composting and better training for student workers were all discussed.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions for the new food service possibilities or how to improve on the current ones, email Klawitter at



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