Beyond the Bubble: October 7, 2011


By Hana Skoblow

– New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has decided not to run for the Republican presidential nomination. On Tuesday, Oct. 4 Christie announced, “Now is not my time.” He has no plans to endorse another candidate at this time, though Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Buddy Roemer, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Gary E. Johnson, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum have all thrown their hats into the race. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also announced on Wednesday, Oct. 5 that she, too, would not be seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

– California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill formally illegalizing circumcision bans. The bill was a response to a petition to outlaw circumcision signed by 7,700 San Francisco supporters. The ban is now deemed unconstitutional.

– Alabama’s judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn announced she would uphold what she called “the strongest immigration laws in this country” of her state, home to hundreds of Hispanic families. The law allows police to ask for immigration papers and mandating schools to obtain immigration paperwork from children at the time of enrollment. Families began to flee just hours after the announcement was made and 1,988 Hispanic students were absent from school on Fri., Sept. 30.

– Scientists are working hard on a vaccine to halt addiction. The idea is that when a nicotine addict lights a cigarette, they will feel nothing and eventually lose interest. The same has been applied to cocaine and methamphetamines, though researchers are finding it difficult to synthesize a vaccine for alcoholism or excessive marijuana use.

Sources: NYTimes, Gawker, Nerve



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