Barb Leaves Res. Life

By Carolyn Stransky

Beloved Residential Life employee Barbara Cavanagh is leaving Beloit today for a new job down in Rockford.

Cavanagh started at Beloit as the secretary to the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Academic Advising in August of 1998. She moved to the ResLife office in 2000.

According to Cavanagh, the best part of working here is just the students themselves. “I have made lifelong friends. I love having people I can call friends from all over the world,” said Cavanagh. “I happen to think that our students are some of the most wonderful people and I’m privileged to be part of their lives.”

Her passion for her work and her students shines, especially since the ‘worst’ part of her job is not working enough. “The worst would have to be feeling like I never had enough hours in the day,” said Cavanagh. “I always thought that if I had one more hour, I could have done one more thing for someone.”

During her 10 years, Cavanagh was supported in pursuing her degree, and on May 15, 2011, she walked across the stage and earned her B.A. in sociology. She will now be working in student development at Rock Valley College, a community college in northern Rockford. “I have been offered an opportunity in a position that’s going to let me use my degree, and that’s an amazing thing,” Cavanagh said.

Although Rockford will provide her with many opportunities, Beloit will always be a part of Cavanagh’s life. “Beloit is home. It’s not only my alma mater, but it’s where I learned a great deal about higher education,” said Cavanagh. “I raised my children under the understanding that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more informed your decisions can be, and that’s a powerful way to move through life.”

Looking towards the future, Cavanagh is exploring the possibility of pursuing a master’s degree – but for now, she’s content with not having homework and “finally being able to garden without the guilt.”



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