Zombies v. Humans Wraps Up


By Sarah Weller


This week has been a hectic, horror-

and adrenaline-filled week for students

participating in Zombies vs. Humans.

Sights this week include:  students

wearing blue armbands (representing

their human state) hesitating before

turning corners, battles between

zombies and humans all over campus

and students rushing up trees to escape

the panic.

Josh Sundermeyer ’15 and Adam

Grady ’15 are among those to retain

their ‘human’ status.  On their first

mission of bringing pennies, a flier and

a picture of a squirrel to the Center for

the Sciences, they discovered a network

of zombies circling the building.  “We

were walking with a friend of ours in

the parking lot, and we started being

chased by somebody on a scooter,”

Sundermeyer said. “He was using his

cell phone to contact other zombie

patrols from around the building.”

After a zombie chase, Sundermeyer

and Grady found shelter in the safe

zone of a Maurer Link study room,

where they barricaded the door with a


Though the hunt has dwindled down,

threats persist.  Grady said he has

received threats while in a safety zone.

Grady said, “They say ‘I’ll be waiting

outside’ or ‘We’ll find you!’  I’m actually

scared they might.”



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