Non-Explosives Area: Beloit College

By John Jorgenson and Daniel Hodorowski

Even though it may be a Friday or a Saturday night, and you’re out

drinking and not in a classroom, you can still learn a lot. For instance,

have you ever met Phil the security guard? Besides being one of the most

popular and nicest gentlemen on campus, Phil is also wise beyond belief

and will never hesitate to bestow his knowledge upon our young and naïve


For example, did you know that you are legally allowed to purchase

fireworks in the state of Wisconsin, but are not allowed to set them off

in this state, especially on Beloit College’s campus? This is something

that many students here, especially those who are from other states and

countries, may not know. Phil was kind enough to lay this uncommon

knowledge upon us one Friday night, explaining that fireworks of any sort

— yes, this includes little bottle rockets — set off what is called a “shots

fired” alarm system at the Beloit Police Department. The vibrations and

sound waves given off by fireworks resound with similar frequencies as

a shot being fired from a gun. This is taken extremely seriously by the

Beloit Police Department and causes a huge inconvenience to the officers

who then are required to follow up.

This is something that we as a student body would like to avoid — we

do not want the police to have to come onto campus and waste their

valuable time and resources on irresponsible kids having a laugh and

shooting off bottle rockets. We have a great thing going between the

police and our own phenomenal security guards like Phil, and we would

not want to jeopardize that relationship.

So please, students, be responsible and have fun without those fireworks

that you can purchase, but not use.



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