Linty Pockets: The Continuation Of A Literary Tradition

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By Amanda Lawnicki

Pocket Lint – the super cool student-run literature and art magazine – celebrated the launch of our 2010-11 edition last Thursday. Students Lily Philpott, Zach Effler ‘13 and Lauren Nelson ‘12 read aloud their published pieces to about thirty attendees. Magazines have been scattered around campus, and are free for the taking.

Pocket Lint has been around since 1993, when the very first edition accepted and published student submissions. Since then students from Beloit and other colleges have submitted poems, photos, short stories, drawings, creative nonfiction, comic strips and other creative works in hopes of seeing them in print.

This fall we plan to release a “Best Of” edition that will bring several dusty magazines out of the archives and condense them into one magazine of sheer awesomeness. Especially since the release will be held in conjunction with our Annual Literary Ball – a quirky tradition where partygoers dress up as their favorite literary personages and eat scrumptious goodies. This year’s ball will be around the end of November.

The spring ’12 edition will return Pocket Lint to the traditional magazine comprised of YOUR submissions. So put on your creative underwear, open up your computer, grab your lucky pencil, paintbrush, camera – whatever! – and get creating!

We’ll be accepting submissions until the deadline – about halfway through the spring semester. Send submissions, comments or questions to pocketlintlit@gmail.com, or the co-editors Elaina Lenertz and Sarah Healey.

Club meetings are held Thursdays at 9:15pm in Maurer Link.



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