Fall Review Series: Sierra Nevada Autumn Tumbler

By Derek Lyndes

First in the fall review series is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Autumn Tumbler. Described as an “Autumn Brown Ale,” Tumbler looks, tastes, and smells darker than your average brown ale.

Tumbler pours a rich, almost chocolaty brown, with a healthy cream head to top it off. Giving off a slightly nutty, roasted malt aroma, this beer’s smell is made all the more appetizing by a faint but distinct addition of bitter Challenger hops. The aroma alone will probably intrigue anyone willing to venture beyond Keystone Light.

The first sip brings hints of chocolate, molasses, and roasted dark malt with a surprisingly low amount of hop bitterness. Finishing with a light roasted caramel after tone, Tumbler’s taste is satisfying but mildly disappointing given its enticing aroma. The flavors stand on their own, but fail to jump out at you. Heavier than most brown ales, though not quite a complete “meal beer” on its own, Tumbler is reminiscent of a porter and feels rather filling as the bottle empties. That being said, Tumbler is best enjoyed on a crisp, colorful fall evening well after Commons feasting. While certainly an enjoyable beer, Tumbler is not Sierra Nevada’s finest creation. The sale price, however, may make it worth it for the more adventurous beer enthusiast.

5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume)

37 IBU (international bitterness units)

$7.99/6 pack


Scoring System:

Appearance – 3.5/5

Aroma – 4/5

Taste – 3/5

Desirability – 3.5/5

Overall – 3.5/5



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