Engage In Food Service Conversation

By Christina Klawitter

Two weeks ago, President Bierman notified students, faculty and staff that I was to head a task force charged with leading a community conversation about our needs and expectations related to our food service. This conversation is just getting underway, and special thanks are due to Beloit Solidarity for opening the dialogue in the most recent edition of the Round Table. In the days and weeks ahead, the taskforce – made up of Clara Baker’13, Diana Gutierrez-Meza’13, Jody Nichols, Lynn Vollbrecht’06, Marion Fass, Coach Brian Vraney, and John Winklemann – will be asking for even more feedback and dialogue.

Even though we’ve just begun, there are a few things I can already tell you about our work. While it’s too early to say where the conversation will take us, I can assure the campus community that the contributions of the food service staff will not be overlooked or undervalued. The valuable role that student workers play in our food operations will also be part of this conversation.

As I recently told another concerned Beloit student, this process also isn’t about cost-cutting. We have not been charged with saving the college or students money. This is much more about considering how to best achieve what we aspire to in our food service.

Lastly, President Bierman has given our community an incredible opportunity to think big about our food.  Please begin your creative thinking about what we should aim for with our food and our facilities, and imagine the ways we could best use our food services to enhance your educational experience.  Then consider engaging in the conversation during one of these three open sessions:

October 3, 12:30-2pm, DKs
October 5, 5:30-6:45pm, Kohler Room of Commons
October 6, 8:30-9:30am, Java Joint
October 6, 12-1:30pm, Commons



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