BSC Report: Student Policy

By Carolyn Stransky

Policy was the name of the game at the Beloit Student Congress meeting on Monday, Sept. 26. The brief meeting focused on various policies on-campus, featuring guest speaker Tana Goar’12 from the Student Policy Committee.

Student Policy Committee revises, updates and reviews the Student Policy Handbook. The committee works with the Dean of Students and Associate Dean of Students to “not only keep the existing policies current, but also add new policies as they become necessary and remove old policies as they become obsolete,” Goar said. The committee is currently working on a draft of a Biased Incidents Policy.

Students can get involved either through membership or by submitting a proposal to change a current policy, get rid of an old one or implement a new one.

Students wishing to submit a proposal should send a “heads up” email to Goar ( That way, the committee members can read through it before the meeting where the student will make their case. “We go into discussion about that policy for as many weeks as we need to, until we feel comfortable bringing our finished draft to BSC,” said Goar. “After seeing what the committee has drafted, BSC votes on whether or not to implement those changes to the Student Policy Handbook.”

BSC’s session concluded with a quick mention of the upcoming Board of Trustee’s lunch.



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