Get Around Green


By Sierra Anseeuw

Growing up in a small Midwestern town, I am intimately familiar with America’s reliance on our cars. We drive everywhere, and it is not always because we want to. This country is seriously lacking in good, functional public transportation. But the fact of the matter is, nothing is going to change unless we (the citizens of this country) demand a change. One way to start is to get our butts out of our cars, find other ways of getting around, and find ways to decrease our impact when we do have to drive.

1. Bike: Don’t let last week’s chilly weather get you down. We’re likely to have a long, mild fall ahead of us. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and leisurely bike to your destination. Don’t have a bike? We have a bike share! Contact David Colin, colind@beloit.edu, to check about renting a bike this semester. If you want to get one for the long term, check out Craigslist.com for moderately priced used bikes. And if you’re feeling really enthusiastic about your new hobby, Paddle and Trail offers 10 percent off to Beloit College students, faculty and staff, and they often have some other great deals on equipment.

2. Beloit Transit System: Not much of a cyclist? Beloit’s recently revamped public bus system can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go, and for less than the price of a beer. Schedules and maps can be found on the city of Beloit website, http://www.ci.beloit.wi.us, and through the all-powerful Google.

3. Car pool: Sometimes we just don’t have any other option but to hop in a car to get where we need to go. But when that happens, fill the car up. It is so common to be at the store and run into three of my friends that all drove separately. So next time you need to drive somewhere, send a text to your friends and see if they need to go with you.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. So no more driving to the Hendricks Center, okay? Have more ideas? Send them to oec@lists.beloit.edu.



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