Lil’ B(istro) In Review

By Zoe Matthews

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your family this weekend, why not head down State St. to the restaurant often called Beloit’s best kept secret? Nestled into the downtown Beloit shopping district, the Little Bistro serves homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and pasta in an intimate environment perfect for conversation. The menu is one of the cheapest you’ll find in the area for the quality and friendly to vegetarians. Most entrees are under $10 and every day has a new $7-8 special and a made-from-scratch soup of the day for just $3. The tables, all set for two or four, come equipped with a paper tablecloth and box of crayons so you can unleash your inner artist. The hallway between the restaurant and the bathrooms has been converted into a “Hall of Fame” for the best drawings that customers leave behind. The Round Table was lucky enough to sit down with Christine Neuman, owner, expectant mother, and head chef of the Little Bistro to talk about the inspiration for the restaurant now ranked #1 in Beloit on urbanspoon.com.

Round Table: Why did you decide to open a restaurant in Beloit?
Christine Neuman: I had just graduated from culinary school and wanted to be my own boss. I already lived in Beloit, so I thought why not here?
RT: Why did you decide on a bistro-style restaurant?
CN: Although I’ve waited tables, I had never worked in a kitchen before and I didn’t want to be overwhelmed. Atlanta bread was the only place in town that had paninis, so I thought Beloit needed this style of restaurant.
RT: What is your favorite part of working at the Little Bistro?
CN: I get to do what I love.

The Little Bistro is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 am-8pm and Saturday mornings for breakfast during the farmer’s market. If you make it down to the market this weekend, you will do yourself a disservice if you don’t stop in for the stuffed french toast. Have a huge family? The Little Bistro will happily accommodate your not-so- little group, just make sure to call in advance.



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