Beyond the Bubble: September 16, 2011


By Beth Hanson and Anna Holmquist

—Netflix, Inc. has lowered its third-quarter subscriber forecast by a 1 million, from 25 million predicted subscribers to 24 million. They also expect to have many more subscribers choosing the streaming option than the DVD-only package. Netflix’s shares have fallen almost 40 percent since the price hike.

—NASA astronomers have discovered a new planet that is orbiting two stars at once, making it the first recognized planet with two suns. Its official name is Kepler 16b, but
it’s being fondly referred to as Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker’s double-sunned home planet in Star Wars.

—Australian passports will now allow a third gender option. Transgender people and people of ambiguous sex can now have their passport list ‘X’ under gender.  Australian senator Louise Pratt, whose partner was born female and is now
identified male, called the reform a “huge step forward.”

—A calico cat named Willow who was lost in Boulder, Colo. five years ago has been returned to her owners.  Willow was found living in New York City.  The cat was positively
identified because of a microchip that was implanted in Willow as a kitten.  Her owners had long ago given up hope of finding her and assumed that coyotes ate her.



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