Beloit Revamps Student Employment Program’s Pay Scale

By Ariana Anderson

Campus employment not only provides students with financial assistance, but can also be a valuable aspect of their education. In fact, Vice President for Enrollment Nancy Benedict sees it as another opportunity to enact Beloit’s “liberal arts in practice” philosophy by providing students with valuable experiences to prepare them for future employment.

To better make this a reality, Beloit has revamped its student employment program. The old ‘program’ was around, “probably forever,” Benedict said. “At least for the last 10 years that I’ve been here.”

There was no consistent pay scale in place, and there lacked any sort of uniformity, with all of the departments operating independently of one another.

In July 2009, when federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25, departments had to figure out how to manage their budgets with the increased costs. This resulted in fewer students being hired, yet there were as many students as ever in need of jobs. The situation brought the flaws of the system to light, and, in response, Human Resources put together a committee with representatives from various departments to create a new, uniform, equitable and transparent system across campus that has been implemented this fall.

The college’s website will feature an inventory of all campus job titles along with their descriptions and availability, greatly simplifying the process of seeking campus employment. This will hopefully result in fewer students struggling to find work, and, according to Benedict, there has already been improvement, with almost half as many students currently searching for jobs as there were at this time last year.

All jobs have been placed into one of three categories, with each position being paid accordingly, so that there are only three pay rates. The categories have been determined based on the skills, knowledge and responsibilities required of the position.

Currently, jobs with no prerequisites are paid $7.25 per hour.  These are the jobs to which students are tentatively assigned when they arrive on campus with work as a part of their financial aid package. Positions with some required skills and knowledge are paid $7.50
per hour.  The paraprofessional positions with more responsibilities and skills will receive $7.75 per hour.



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