A Dude’s Perspective

By Nathaniel Fann

Queefs are, excuse the physiological analogy, a hiccup in the bedroom. They are hiccups
that can be interpreted and internalized by both people experiencing them in a variety of ways. There are those people that find discomfort, both physical and emotional, in the experience of a queef.

Discomfort caused by queefs is misplaced because of misunderstanding as to the nature of a queef. Men especially are discomforted by queefs because they consider themselves
to be a passive party in the experience. My fellow men: we are the queef culprits. We must accept the human body as it is, and work towards accepting that intimate situations are never picture perfect.

We, men, women and transgendered people alike, should rejoice in the humor and lightheartedness that a queef can bring to the bedroom. Which is generally considered an
idealistic realm where our humanity should be at its greatest. A queef is an affirmation
that we are all human. Long live queefs!



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