WeCar Parks at Beloit

A "WeCar" sign...coming soon to campus...IMAGE BY XIMENA MORA

By Beth Hanson

Mobility will be easier for Beloit students, faculty
and staff this fall with the start of the WeCar

The WeCar program is a national car share
program piloting on campus this year through
Beloit Student Congress funding. Director of
Student Activities Jennie Hartzheim said, “The
official program has not started yet, but we have
had a WeCar representative on campus for move-
in day and at the Student Activities Fair to talk
with interested students and start spreading the

Student, faculty and staff can begin their
membership in the WeCar program by visiting
the Web site that will be launched once the

Cars can be checked out by the hour, day
or overnight.  There is an application fee for
faculty and staff ($10) that is waived for students.
Students, however, will pay a $35 member fee
annually.  The $35 is applied towards students
driving credits—essentially starting them off
with three and a half hours of driving time.

Rates are broken down into weekday and
weekend, as well as hourly, daily, and overnight.
Weekday hourly rate is $8; weekend hourly rate
is $9; weekday day rate $58; weekend day rate
$63; overnight weekday (6 p.m. to 8 a.m.) is $35;
overnight weekend (6 p.m. to 8 a.m.) is $40.

A car can only travel 200 miles per car share
period. Two cars will be available on campus.

The program is expected to start up by the end
of September.  “We are just waiting for the cars



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