Letter from the Editors

A little over a century and a half ago, a freshly founded liberal arts college in the territory of Wisconsin decided to create a campus media outlet for itself. The monthly journal was unimaginatively titled the Beloit Monthly. In the 1870s the paper changed names to the knightly and majestic Round Table, and eventually became the weekly newsrag you hold in your hands.

We are student run and produced, with little oversight from the administration or academic departments.  Every single week we set out to produce a quality paper, bringing information and entertainment to the campus community. Every Monday night we get together to enjoy a milkshake or two and hash out story ideas. Every Thursday night we all congregate again, laying out the paper, editing, writing last minute stories, and getting home much later than ever intended. Such is the life of Round Table.

We have cycled through a lot of editors, writers, and fonts since the early days of RT, but one thing has remained consistent over all these years: students make this paper what it is. Writers, editors, photographers, cartoonists, students who pay enough attention in class to catch their professors saying awkward things, they are all equally important to this publication.

So send us your story ideas, write a letter to the editor (pick one – our hate mail tally is low), and let your voice be heard. In the meantime, enjoy your first issue. There are many more to come this semester, each an opportunity for you to express yourself and your school.


The Editor and the Chief



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