How to Write News

By Anna Holmquist

News isn’t fancy; it’s just the facts. Is there a
change in the college policy? Did the weather do
something crazy?  What happened at that campus
event? That’s what the news section is all about.

Objectivity is the goal of all straight news
journalism. As the journalist, you’re trying to
report exactly what happened to your readers
without any slant or bias. This is difficult, but a
goal to keep in mind when writing for this section.

Submissions should be around 350-500 words. Make
sure you have a strong lede (opening sentence) to
get the readers interested. A good lede will be dually
snappy and informative—and no more than 25 words

If you do not know what to write about, just
keep your eyes and ears open. You’re bound to hear
of something newsworthy on campus that you can
write about. Another good way to get ideas for news
stories is to attend the writers’ meeting on Mondays
at 9 p.m. If you have a tip but don’t want to write
the story yourself, feel free to email us at holmquia@, or bcroundtable@



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