How to Write Features

Good day, fellow Beloit comrades,

We, as your editors for the features section of the Round Table, would like to offer a sincere welcome and invitation to send us any and all marvelous feature articles you would like to see in print. Now, there may be some concern as to what a feature entails. We are here to answer questions of that nature and provide a handy list of tips and advice for writing feature articles.

Topics: this is a grand jumping off point for any successful article. Need a topic? Choose something that is interesting to you and that would serve the campus in an informative, objective way. For instance, if you have a favorite professor who you would like to represent, write a profile about them. Prefer to publicize a club or event on campus? Or do you feel that there is some specific person, place or thing the campus should know about? Have you discovered a hidden gem at Beloit that you wanna tell everyone about? Write it for us!

Objectivity: since this is a news-based section and not an opinion section, please respect journalistic integrity by reporting your story in a neutral fashion. This means including quotes, names of people mentioned or interviewees, sources and research when applicable, while leaving out a biased opinion.

Editing: we as your editors will do our best to clear all blemishes away from your work in a polite manner by abiding by our bible in the Round Table office: “The AP Style Guide.” However, please do look over your work before sending it in because it would help clarify your ideas, perfect your grammar, and simply provide us with a clear idea of your focus in the article.

Photos: without a photo, the features section does not live up to the high standards of design that we have for our paper. So, if at all possible, please feel free to include a picture that pertains to your topic to make our page more visibly pleasant, both horizontal and vertical so we have options to work with.

If you are interested in writing for the Round Table, you are invited to join our weekly meeting Mondays at 9:00 p.m. in Mauer Link. There we will happily supply you with possible story ideas and work with you to conceptualize your individual plan for an article.


Your loving features editors: Jeremy Cornelius and Elizabeth Crea



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