How to Share Your Brilliant Opinions with the Campus

By Sasha Debevec-McKenney

This is the opinions section, and I am its editor—
I’m Sasha, and I love your opinions almost as much
as I love my own. Writing for the opinion section
is easier than you think it is. Op-eds are generally
350-500 words at the most—that’s shorter than the
one-page response papers college students write
every week. They’re short because they’re focused
pieces of writing about an issue you’re passionate
about. Don’t try and make too many points—make
one, and make it well.

When you write an op-ed, use the first person,
talk about what makes you an expert on this
topic—why do you care and why should be take
your opinion seriously? Everybody should write an
op-ed—it’s a generally small time commitment to
something you care about. And we all love to argue
in a well thought out manner.

You can write about an issue that affects your
dorm only, or an issue that affects the entire world.
You can take a liberal viewpoint or a conservative
viewpoint, or anything in between. Just write.
And don’t be nervous about people disagreeing
with your opinion—this paper needs an array of
different views to make it better.

You can also contribute to my section by
submitting to the Hats Off/F*ck Off section. Hats
off to cool stuff, F*ck off to stuff that sucks. It’s
anonymous but shouldn’t be that cruel. You can
also submit through Twitter by using the hashtags
#hatsoffBeloit or #f*ckoffBeloit (but without the

To submit a piece of writing in which you express
your opinion, you can email the Round Table at
bcroundtable@gmail.com, as usual.  You can CC:
the email to me, personally, devebecs@beloit.
edu, by Wednesday afternoon and you should get
a response with an edited version of your piece
(cut for grammar or length, never substance or to
change your idea) back for you to OK by Thursday
afternoon, if I’ve got my stuff together.

If you have an idea for something you can always
always email me to tell me about it or come up
to me in person and ask. I can be really nice—
especially to people who want to make my life
easier by writing. I have huge hair, and I’m easy
to find, so you have no excuse not to write for the
opinion section.



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