BSC This Week: Announcement! Wellness! Elections!

By Ari Jacobs

The first Beloit Student Congress (BSC) meeting of the week a flurry of announcements and nominations for various committee positions. The meeting commenced with an announcement for the homecoming day parade on September 30th by Amani Edwards ’12. Several other announcements followed, with a Phi Psi member finishing it off with an announcement of rush week and a promise of rapture for all male, non-greek students.

Discussion continued into a student forum in which two non-students, Volleyball and Soccer coaches Dawn Redd and Liz Bartley, announced that Beloit College has received a $21,000 grant dedicated to a an educational program that focuses on reducing alcohol abuse and increasing wellness on campus. With the slogan “Making healthy choices to lead healthy lives,” the coaches hope that all students on campus will participate in the upcoming programs. The coaches also expressed interest to have Beloit students assist them with research on the project.

With the student forum over, recess was announced at 7:16 p.m. and students decided to stay inside and participate in Body Wrap, a session where BSC members can announce most things on their minds. Folk and Blues was declared awesome, thus concluding Body Wrap. There was also a session called Body Power that was cancelled.

With Body Power officially terminated came elections, in which twelve various committee offices were announced. BSC members nominated their peers for official positions and raucous accolades and applauds were given to all winning parties. Victors include Emma Rogers ‘14, winner of the deferent title “Parliamentarian,” as well as Logan Gill ‘12, the new “Rocky Horror Coordinator” on campus. Other filled positions included Judiciary Board Representative, Res Life Committee Chair, and Food Committee chair among others.

The climax of the night came during the Food Committee election, where a vote to vote on tabling the election failed.

BSC came to a close after elections for the Election Committee were tabled for the following week.



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