Beyond the Bubble


By Beth Hanson and Anna Holmquist

You might need to stop relying on those weekly packages
of cookies from your grandma. Since the advent of the
Internet, the amount of mail sent through the USPS has
greatly declined. As a result, the postal service has been
losing money. Now, it fears being unable to pay its bills.
Before a Senate committee, the service proposed stopping
Saturday mail delivery and asked to avoid making pension
prepayment. Massive layoffs and branch closures are also in
the works.
— A new report issued this week will include audio recordings
and transcripts from 9/11 as the tenth anniversary of the
attacks approaches. While some of the audio has emerged
over the last decade, “the report provides a rare 360-degree
view” of the events that transpired. Recordings come from
air traffic controllers, military aviation officers, airline and
fighter jet pilots and from two of the hijackers.
— A British couple may permanently lose four of their
seven children who were deemed too obese. Social services
ordered the couple to help their children lose weight within
three months. When they failed, their four younger children
were moved to foster care and the couple monitored by
social services. The parents were informed on Tuesday of
social services’ decision to remove the children from their
— A drunk elk became trapped in a tree in Sweden this
week. It is believed that the elk was hunting for apples when
she became entangled in a tree on Per Johansson’s property.
Emergency services rescued the elk, who spent the next day
recovering in Johansson’s garden.  Drunk elk are reportedly
common in Sweden in autumn.
— Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled a new flavor of ice cream—
Schweddy Balls. The Schweddy Balls flavor is based on a
1998 “Saturday Night Live” skit starring Alec Baldwin as
bakery owner Pete Schweddy who offers a “holiday delicacy”
called Schweddy balls.
Sources:  BBC, NYTimes, Yahoo! News



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