BeloitLink Creates Online Connection for Campus Clubs and Organizations

By Ariana Anderson

Are you a first-year who missed the Student Activities
Fair? Or an overachiever trying to coordinate all
of your clubs’ schedules? Keeping track of your
community service hours for your Greek organization?
Returning from abroad and have no idea what is
going on with any of the clubs you were involved
with so long ago? Check out BeloitLink, http://blink., the college’s newest Web site, which is
dedicated to “linking you to the liberal arts in practice.”

Each registered club and organization has its own
profile, with a basic description, and numerous
tabs on its page to provide you with the latest news,
upcoming events, a photo gallery, important forms,
contact info, and meeting times. Students can keep
track of clubs through the virtual flier board, email,
messages and wall postings, similar to Facebook.
You can even opt to get updates via text message.

Students’ personal accounts boast features to help
us all stay more organized. “My Events” is a handy list
of the upcoming events your clubs will be hosting.
“My Interests” allows the site to suggest clubs you
may be interested in joining based on your interests
and available time commitments. “My Service Hours”
will help you keep track of when you completed your
community service hours with which organization and
there is an option to set up a verification contact.  Finally,
there is the “My Submissions” tab, which helps you
keep track of your own activity on the site, such as
the organizations with which you are registered.

Another benefit: BelFAST proposals and budget
forms can be completed online now. You can complete
them at your convenience instead of clogging up the
second floor of Pearsons during everyone’s lunch break.

The site itself is already up and running, though not
all clubs and organizations have filled out their profiles
yet. Getting your own personal profile set up takes
little time and is self-explanatory for the Facebook
generation. Look out for the upcoming informational
sessions that will be offered soon to help students and
clubs maximize BeloitLink’s full potential.



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