Misogynism at Beloit

By Betsy Wynn

I’ve been called misogynist names twice. Both instances of complete disrespect to me, and the female population happened on Beloit College’s campus. Last year “Ice-man” called me a “f*cking cunt” and also told me to never “f*cking talk to him again”. I was shocked that anyone had the audacity to use such a word at me. The worst part was that I was sitting on a couch surrounded by other men, and for whatever reason, none of them said anything to him about his word choice. But after a fair amount of swearing, and crying, I ignored it, and I got over it.

Yesterday a male Beloit College student who did not appear drunk (although admittedly I was obviously intoxicated) called me a “dumb bitch.”  The conversation leading up to said name calling wasn’t even an argument. No one was yelling, no one was even trying to cause a discrepancy, but this young man felt it necessary to call me a “dumb bitch” and tell me to “shut up” because he didn’t like what I was saying.

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to lash out quickly when something upsets me. Once can imagine what I said to him in response… but now in sobriety, I realized I should have skipped yelling at him and instead asked him what calling me a “dumb bitch” would accomplish.  I’m a chemistry major with a 3.7 cumulative GPA. I am not dumb. Perhaps he thought that what I was saying to him was dumb. But I am not dumb.

I won’t argue with him on the word bitch though. Perhaps I act like a bitch sometimes. Maybe I act like a bitch all the time. But at least when I am acting like a bitch it is not belittling anyone. When I am being a bitch, I’m not promoting misogyny, bigotry, or hate. When I act like a bitch I do it for women. I do it so everyone knows I am a strong female. And I’m proud to be one.

I’m writing this so that this person is acknowledged as an asshole and a misogynist. There are 100 more like him on this campus and there are a million more like him in the world. It is time for them to realize that their attitudes will no longer be ignored. The next time he decides to call me a dumb bitch, I’m going to lash out even further. The next time anyone decides to call me a dumb bitch, they will be sorry. Because I’m not. No one is. No woman should have to be subjected to having a man that barely knows her, throw such a judgmental, presumptuous and hurtful words at them.  I know people might think that I’m over-reacting a little, but to me this needs to be publicized. I need to do it so women have the courage to not accept their male- assigned roles in society and fight back when they are being wronged. I’m not going to ignore misogyny like it’s a speck in my glass of water. It exists at Beloit and I need people to know about it.

*Note: when later confronted about this issue, this non-greek male senior recalled this incident, did not apologize, called me even worse names, and then threatened to call the police on me and accuse me of battery.



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